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In the Bay Dental Group oral health blog, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists and team share helpful resources, tips and advice on caring for your dental health.

Eating with Clear Aligners: The Complete Guide

Because clear aligners are removable, you’ll enjoy not having dietary restrictions during your treatment. But today, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists explain some other things you should know about eating and drinking with clear aligners.

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What are the components of a good brushing and flossing routine?

Brushing and flossing are essential components of your oral hygiene routine, but there are others as well. Follow the steps outlined below by our Sault Ste. Marie dentists to best maintain your oral health and help keep your teeth and gums disease-free.

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What do Clear Aligners Cost?

Cost is often a concern for people seeking orthodontic treatment. In this post, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists break down the numbers and cost of Invisalign clear aligners and financial factors you may want to consider in the decision making process.

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5 Common Myths About Flossing

Here, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists explain why flossing is so important and why you should not skip it by debunking common myths.

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Little Things You Can & Can't Do with a Clear Aligner

If you’re considering treatment with clear aligners, you might be wondering what you can and can’t do with them, and how they’ll influence your lifestyle. Today, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists share advice to keep in mind.

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How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Caring for your teeth and gums is important for your oral hygiene and your overall health. Here, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists share 10 tips for keeping your smile happy and healthy for years to come.

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12 Tips for Wearing Clear Aligners From Our Dentists

Are you wondering how you can get the most out of your clear aligners - and how to wear them so you'll feel as comfortable as possible? Our Sault Ste. Marie dentists review some tips for you.

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10 Oral Hygiene Tips

Preventive hygiene care, including brushing and flossing, and regular visits to your dental office, can help you maintain your oral health. Here, our Sault Ste. Marie dentists share their best oral hygiene tips.

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Can Clear Aligners Fix an Overbite?

Our Sault Ste. Marie dentists are often asked whether an overbite can be fixed with clear aligners. In a word, yes. But first we should look at what an overbite is, why it should be fixed and what the process entails.

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Our Top 5 Tips for At-Home Oral Hygiene

Oftentimes our patients are not getting the most out of their at-home dental care, so today our Sault Ste. Marie dentists and team offer 5 tips to help you improve your at-home oral hygiene routine.

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