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Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Posted Oct 24th, 2017

Halloween is around the corner, and Bay Dental Group wants to keep you and your kids smiles healthy this year! 

Bay Dental Group, Sault Ste Marie, Halloween

Everyone loves Halloween. Us included! 

If it's not for the fun costumes, it's definitely for the candy. As much as we love to indulge in a sweet treat (or two), we also know that sugar and junk food can be the scariest part of the holiday! Our team wants to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy this year with our top 5 Healthy Halloween tips!

  1. Fill up first. To keep your kid from eating their favorite candy as it goes into their trick-or-treat bag by having a healthy meal BEFORE your kids go trick-or-treating. It can stop them from snacking and will also help keep the sugar and chocolate off their teeth for hours.

  2. Brush the sugar away! After indulging in candy, remember to brush so that the sugar doesn't stay on your teeth. Sugar causes cavities, which can easily be avoiding by maintaining your brushing!

  3. Avoid the sticky stuff! The sugar is bad, but sticky candies literally stick to the teeth, which can cause cavities if not cleaned properly. 
  4. Walk it off! The whole family can get some exercise by walking instead of driving kids house to house. Bring a bottle of water and a flashlight, and wear comfortable shoes for walking.

  5. Donate it. Donating your candy is a great way to keep from over-indulging and makes you feel good. When your kids get back home from trick-or-treating, have them make two piles: one for the candy they want to keep, another for the candy they will not eat. Talk to them about helping their community by donating the second pile to a local senior citizens home, food pantry, Ronald McDonald House, or children’s hospital. Make it a tradition.

  6. Smile! Enjoy the holiday and keep it fun with games, costumes and spooky activities. 

Looking for more dental tips for your kids? Call our dental team and they'd be happy to sit down with you and review the best oral health practices for your child's upcoming school year.

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